Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Homeschooling: The Six-Week Exhale

We're taking a bit of a breather from our oh-so-GRUELING academic schedule this week, as I planned way back in August when it looked like life here in Stalag 13 would proceed at its tidy, humdrum pace. I had this lovely vision: Six weeks on, one week off! Off to pursue projects of our own choosing, all day every day! Topping it off with a few days at the beach!

Then: Life.
Two trips to Boston.
Family upheaval.
Homeschooling, interrupted.
Available travel funds and Daddy's vacation days, vanished.

So, we adjusted a bit. We're taking Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as our Selah.

Time to paint outside on the patio, serenaded by Classics for Kids.
Time to engage in a Family Reading Challenge.
Time to let the comic-book drawing and wild games of pretending proceed unhindered.

And time for Mom to take stock.

What's worked for us over the past six weeks:
1. Classical Conversations. We love our fabulous CC group! Each child has responded differently to the most school-ish endeavor we've ever undertaken, but all have soaked up huge amounts of new material like eager sponges and have begun to make new friends -- including me. Let me just put it this way. Even though I spend every Tuesday being a sort of "room aide" for my ADHD-labeled child, even though I have moments of wanting to dive under the table, I still go home feeling happy and cherished. Very mysterious.
2. Daily checklists. For the older two children, in page protectors, to be marked off with dry-erase markers. Includes exercise and chores.
3. Bible (Our 24 Family Ways) and BrainPop videos/quizzes for the iPad in the morning.
4. All About Spelling. My third grader and kindergartener are using Level 1 together, since the older one needed a bit of remedial spelling. I love that this program integrates a variety of learning styles,
5. IEW Poetry Memorization. Ian and Eliza have both already memorized six poems in the past six weeks. Caroline has a couple under her belt as well. IEW gently introduces poetry memorization by starting with short, witty poems.
6. Science. We're working our way very slowly through Exploring Creation With Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day

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  1. I love this post! I can so completely relate to number four...I am so glad I'm not the only one! And..I was just thinking, wow! I've made it through six weeks of homeschooling! We just our first official painting canvas it's fall...very's only down to the 80s here and I'm already busting out the apple cider and cinnamon sticks...