Monday, October 17, 2011

MIssion Accomplished

So, did you go for a ramble last weekend?  Mindful of my accountability to you, I set off on my self-prescribed walk on Saturday afternoon, with no particular destination in mind. I simply wandered my neighborhood, putting one foot in front of the other as the spirit moved, remembering to take deep breaths and really notice the sights, sounds, and smells that wafted my way. 

I discovered, once again, that spreading tree boughs feel wise and comforting, like the most nurturing of ancestors. 

That I love partially hidden standouts ... the lone flaming leaf among so much verdure. 

That I'm entertained by contrasts of all kinds -- red on green, or old, rusty, and chipping against sprightly and new. 

That patterns appear everywhere. That if you want sunlight, you must have shadows.

That sometimes, you just have to lean in and look closer. 

That words can nudge you to think without forcing you to agree or dissent. 

And that one beauty of a weekend wander is this: One moment, you're considering the marvel of acorns. A  heartbeat later, with no apparent connection, you're thinking ... "Why is that I worry and fret about my own circumstances, but it's practically effortless to trust the Lord for other people's problems?"

If you went for a walk, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Hannah - I wrote a detailed response to this first weekend mission on the weekend in question, but then I somehow managed to delete it and was then too frustrated to write it all out again in the moment.

    And yet... I've been thinking about it ever since and wanted to come back and write something, so you know that I appreciated and followed through on your mission!

    I went on a long walk - not alone, with Mike - but we did leave our cell phones behind. We saw such interesting, inspiring things: a tree with a dozen trunks, water burbling over the rocks (my favorite sound), colored mushrooms, patterned barks, tips of trees just beginning to turn colors.

    This walk was through the woods to the rock creek park, and I took a moment just to feel grateful that we have this spot in the middle of the city, two minutes from our house, that you step into and leave the city completely behind. You can't believe how free of city-sounds it is!

    Lastly, thanks to your inspiration sending us out the door, we stumbled across the grand re-opening of the Peirce Mill. It's a corn mill that was first brought back to life in the 1930s but broke again in the early 1990s; now it's been repaired and opened again! We learned so much about the history and the workings of the mill, and I even got to try out the corn husking machine. So thank you, thank you for pushing me out the door and for sharing your own ramble!

  2. Amelia, I loved reading this! I'm thrilled that although too many miles separate us, we were enjoying similar moments of discovery and tranquility on the same weekend. Thank you for sharing all this with me! Love you.