Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend Mission #2

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A couple times a week, schedule permitting, I like to kick back with the Professor (my husband) before bed and watch an episode of Lark Rise to Candleford. Have you discovered this fantastic BBC series yet? I can't say I love every single little nitty-gritty thing about it (the chin-bobbing of the two lead females starts to grate at times, for instance), and I don't agree with every aspect of the producers' evident theology, but my goodness, Lark Rise has lots to say about the human experience. About husbands and wives ... faith and doubt ... youth and age ... tradition and change ... love and fear ... basically, the whole range of this beautiful, crazy thing we call life. It's awfully nice, in the complicated age we inhabit, where the pace sometimes leaves us breathless by the end of the day, to retreat to a time and place where life moved at a slower, simpler cadence.

And I think that if you forced me at gunpoint to pick one central theme of the whole series, it would be this:  

Human beings need one another. To do anything more than barely survive, we need connection ... and we need community.

And, if we're Christians, we need the other members of the Body of Christ.

So, with a nod to the BBC, our mission this weekend is this: Connect. Not online, but in real life. Call up a friend and arrange to go out to coffee, or take a walk, or go shopping, or whatever fits your schedule, budget, and taste. I'm not asking you to throw a dinner party, although inviting a friend or another family over for dinner can meet the purpose. Do whatever is fun for you without seeming burdensome. We all know what it's like to let months go by without seeing someone who's dear to us, simply because inertia works against us.

Happy weekend, friends!

(My daughter, my sister, my mother ... staying connected while watching Tangled)


  1. I haven't watched it, but I have aspired to take time out and visit with good friends a lot more often (sans-children for purposes that need no words). And it has been so, so good for me. Breakfast, a movie, matters not. The companionship is of such importance!

  2. That's been one of my priortities lately with my limitations soon to be get out and connect with people and visit people in their homes while my son is in preschool so we can actually chat and pray and have a profitable playdate with just our daughters...or go on walks with people since soon the only option will be if they want to come to my home to see me in a state of adjustment and transition after the baby is born.

  3. Can not wait to hear how your weekend was! I just read you challenge - two days late, but I did this Saturday morning with a couple of women we hope to grow into an accountability group. We will meet every week and for now we will be focusing on The Resolution for Women. It was sweet.
    btw - I got one season of Larkrise from Netflix and Hannah & I watched - LOVED it! Want they have other seasons at the library?

  4. forgot to mention that Larkrise was precipitated by your suggestion months ago!

  5. OOoh, Leslee! I'm tickled to no end that you've discovered and enjoyed Lark Rise. And that Hannah is old enough to share that pleasure with you! We get ours from Netflix. You might check the library, though ... it goes through Season 4.

  6. Great post! I just love your mom's adorable skirt too? Can I ask where she got it?

  7. Julie, it's funny you asked ... I got it for her birthday ... at Chico's! It was on sale. :-) Caroline actually picked it out, so I'm glad you (and my mom) like her taste! (We bought the scarf along with it.)