Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Top Ten Teen Reads

Oh, now this looks like fun. NPR is hosting a survey of the Top 10 Young Adult Novels. They've winnowed the field down to a "manageable" 235 finalists. Care to vote? This link contains the explanation, the list, and a link to a printable list.

I'll reveal my own picks later this week, and we can compare notes! But I'm curious. From looking at the list, do you see any glaring oversights? Any gems that have been inexcusably passed over? Or, can you spot any that you're quite sure will be on my list?

Have fun with it!


  1. Well I don't know how on earth I'd pick 10. That's not nearly enough!

    10? Really?

    I'm pretty certain Anne Shirley and Betsy Tacy would be on your list. Yes?

    I'm sure it's no surprise that an old fashioned girl like me is astonished at the glaring oversights in the way of classics. To name only a few:

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and of course, his pal Huck's tale too
    Isle of the Blue Dolphins
    Julie of the Wolves
    Swiss Family Robinson
    Of Mice and Men
    Animal Farm
    The Great Gatsby
    The Chronicles of Narnia

    There are more, there are many many more. And how is it that the bulk of that list is comprised of books this avid reader has never heard of? Am I that out of it?

  2. Yes, of course, about AOGG and BT. You know me well. :-)

    And I totally agree with you, scratching my head over the list. I feel so behind the times, and sort of bewildered at how the list was compiled. Maybe the worthy titles you mentioned (Harry Potter is YA but Chronicles of Narnia is not???) somehow didn't fit the narrow definition of YA? Maybe I need to go back and reread the article to try to understand their criteria a bit better, because, well, let me just put it this way:

    Twilight is on the list. 'Nuff said.

  3. I haven't heard of most of them, either. I think I could put a vote of 10 by just ticking the ones I know...

    I assumed it was a US/UK thing, but maybe not.

    I am interested in the definition of YA, too - Tiffany Aching series is on the 'young' side of YA, in my opinion (jolly good read, though) and then there is Ray Bradbury?

    What is missing? Hmm. Maybe something by Neil Gaiman, Rosemary Sutcliffe? Not much I can see in the way of Science Fiction, apart from Ursula LeGuin - Anne McCaffrey, anyone?

    But it was interesting that one of the criteria used for selection is that teens were voluntarily choosing to read the books, hence Twilight series making the cut, I guess.

    1. Gillian, that's about how I ended up with my 10! Rosemary Sutcliff should definitely be on there; good idea. As far as sci-fi, there's an offering or two from Robin McKinley, which may count. I don't know. I feel like the fantasy genre has basically taken over the YA world.