Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Break Week

This was our fall break week, and I can hardly believe it's already Friday. By "break," I mean a break from regular academics, although in every other respect, things just kept humming along. Somehow I thought there would be these yawning stretches of time to just sprawl on the couch and read. There were stretches, but they weren't exactly of yawning dimensions. 

It was a week of...

... having friends over, harvesting and hammering pecans, and at the girls' request, spontaneously baking the first pie of the season. Pecan, naturally. 

... total crafting madness. What do you get when you provide a box of 1000 popsicle sticks, a package of rainbow colored ones just for good measure, and two low-temp glue guns? Explosive creativity, I tell you. 

... a healthy dose of reading independently and reading aloud. As before with break weeks, we created a Family Reading Challenge, to see how many books we collectively could finish in a week. Every book finished was recorded on our whiteboard. As of today, we've met our goal. A celebration is most definitely in order. 

... trying to decide on the perfect pair of fall-winter boots. In my infinite pickiness, and desire to maintain a relatively small and simple but reliably workable wardrobe, our bedroom is becoming overrun with candidates. In fact, it smells like a leather factory in there. Currently, it's an epic struggle between the forces of Look and Longevity versus Cost and Comfort. And right now, the outcome is too close to call. Help me, Obi-Wan. 

... visiting the opthalmologist. No photos here, to protect the privacy of the afflicted, but if you've seen Ian recently, you might have wondered about the obvious purple bump under one eye. Turns out he has a nasolacrimal fistula, which means we're now scheduled to see an oculoplastic specialist, who will probably perform surgery on his tearduct, MUCH to the patient's chagrin. I tell you, I'm learning all kinds of new vocab this week. And ever notice how once you learn a new word, it seems to pop up everywhere? The day after our visit to the opthalmologist, I came across this article about women afflicted by fistulas of a different sort in Ethiopia. 

It kind of puts our problems -- not to mention boot dilemmas -- in perspective, doesn't it? 


  1. Wow Pecan pie from fresh pecans?! Hope Ian's eye is okay and will pray all goes well with surgery.

  2. Oh! How I miss my parents' pecan tree! I hope to move out of our rental home and onto our own piece of property where I fully intend on having several pecan trees.

    I will pray for your son's surgery. God Bless You!

    1. Thanks for your prayers, Elizabeth! And you too, Julie!