Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's Epic. And It's Here.

Guess what tomorrow is?

Answer: ONLY the most anticipated day in the Diller family recent history. This has been on the calendar for ages, probably about since the first Hobbit movie came out last year. And wonder of wonders, it comes out on the same day in the UK that it does in the US! Woohoo, we are not the meanest parents in the world for moving our children overseas!

This means that we'll have a new cultural experience: visiting a British movie theatre. Already, I'm noticing differences: It's called a cinema. You reserve your seats ahead of time when you order your tickets. And rumors are, it's totally acceptable to bring your own snacks. We definitely intend to test the veracity of that one. <wink>

The kids are uber excited. So much so that, Geek Alert, a couple of them are planning to wear the EXACT same clothes that they wore back in October when we, Geek Alert #2, visited J.R.R. Tolkien's grave in Oxford.

(FYI: Last year we didn't take Caroline to the movie, but she has since seen it multiple times on DVD, where we can fast-forward the scary parts, e.g. the Necromancer. This year, because she cares about this story with a passion that runs deep (and I quote: "That movie makes all the other movies I've seen not matter very much") she's going along, and we'll make judicious use of our parental guidance.)

I know we'll be thinking of a few of our fellow fan friends back in the States tomorrow, especially those from last year's LOTR class. Ian is already planning his next epic movie marathon and Hobbit-themed feast for when we return to the States. This article from NPR only fanned the flames.

What about you, friends? Anyone else have The Hobbit on this weekend's agenda? Or are you normal people? :-)


  1. Have fun! I'm jealous. We WILL get to see it, but it'll take a while as Alex is too little to come with us :-( Yes, you can order tickets in advance but the seats are generally unallocated so arrive in plenty of time in order to sit together. Also, snacks may have to be smuggled in - depends on the cinema. Prices for snacks are extortionate.

    1. Hope you get to see it soon, Gillian! And I am happy to deliver a successful snack-smuggling report. :-)

    2. Excellent!