Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Lights of London

London is enormous. And exciting. And exhausting.

But right now? A week before Christmas? It's also … well, rather magical.

When I was a little girl, my grandparents lived in Manhattan, in New York City. I remember at least one year going to visit them in December and walking with them along the busy sidewalks of Fifth Avenue. The store windows were decorated to the absolute nth degree, and I remember just how dazzled my young eyes were by the glow and artistry of it all.

I suspected London might have something similar to offer my own children, so yesterday, when we went in on the train for a homeschool field trip to the Royal Courts of Justice, we made some extra time to do some window shopping along Piccadilly Street, through Piccadilly Circus, and along Regent Street to Oxford Circus. And we were not disappointed.

I had promised you guys a report on the state of the Fortnum & Mason windows. I was that annoying person with the camera stopping traffic on the sidewalk, but a promise is a promise:

There's a certain joy in beauty like this, in see what image-bearers of the Creator can accomplish with their own hands and eyes and vision. We create beauty, because He created it first. Our hearts are drawn to beauty and light, because they're designed to respond to the true Author of all beauty -- to the One who is the Great Light. I appreciate these "shadows" all the more for knowing the One who casts them.

Joy to you, friends!

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  1. It was an annual event at our house to go into Pittsburgh and visit the windows of the three huge department stores. Sadly, there is now only one, and the windows aren't nearly as much fun. You have given your children (and yourself) the experience of a lifetime. I love the "bubbles" of light over the street. How clever!