Thursday, March 6, 2014


We're heading out for some sunshine, friends. Off to the coast of Spain for a holiday!

To get there, we're going native and using one of the el cheapo airlines, RyanAir, that flies between most European cities. Here's the catch: Really, really tight luggage restrictions. This is going to put our Jedi packing skills to the utmost test. Can we get everything we need for a week into five carry-ons, each weighing 10 kg or less?

I think we'll be sticking to the mantra of one item of clothing per travel day, which means each of us will be allowed to pack seven pieces of clothing, plus swimsuits. And books. And toiletries. And the camera. Oh boy. This could get quite dodgy in a big ol' hurry.

Also? Exactly one of us five speaks Spanish, and that would be yo. And it's been years since I could be considered fluent. Time to download Duolingo onto my iPhone and start cramming!

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this parting thought. As I've been collecting impressions of the British people and culture, I've also managed to dig up a few nuggets of what THEY think about US Americans. Of course, most of the folks I've talked with are too polite to share their most unvarnished thoughts, but here's what tends to emerge in conversation with a bit of gentle probing. Are you ready for this?

1. We are very friendly and open. 
2. We are rather appallingly wasteful. 
3. We seem to own -- and use -- a lot of guns. 

And there you have it. Fair?
Hasta luego, amigos!


  1. If you are wearing it, it doesn't count as luggage. If it goes in a pocket, it doesn't count as luggage. Layers, my dear. Lots and lots of layers on the plane. Plus a thin bag screwed up somewhere to shove some of those layers in once you are on the plane - Noone checks how many bags you carry OFF. Oh, and you can have a single bag of airport shopping each, too. Buy one small thing, get a big bag, and use it for your extra layers.

    We've been doing this for a while, us Brits :-)

    Have a great holiday!

  2. That's what I'm talking about, Gillian!
    Happy to learn from a true Jedi master of the RyanAir experience. ;-) I'll let you know how we fare when we see you next month!

  3. Gillian, that is impressive advice. I believe all 3 stereotypes about Americans are indeed true. I'm surprised there wasn't a #4 that read: Americans are too loud.