Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Read-Aloud Revival Podcast

Do you love podcasts as much as I do? I think they're excellent companions for the minutes (hours!) spent cooking, washing dishes, taking walks, applying mascara, … you know, all the daily routine stuff. :-) And here's a new one I need to share with you. It's flat-out delightful.

Sarah, who writes one of my very favorite blogs, Amongst Lovely Things, which is just bursting with beauty, truth and wisdom, has just started the Read-Aloud Revival podcast, which focuses on building a family culture around books, and especially on reading to older children, who often miss out on this cozy part of family life because we assume that if they're reading independently, they don't need us to read to them anymore. (I personally have never assumed that because I consider reading to my children one of the best parts of parenting. There are many things I don't do with particular excellence or even skill in the mothering realm, but by gum, I can sit on the couch with my cup of tea while they color or build with Lego and read to them from The Chronicles of Narnia.)

If I tell you that her very first guests are Andrew Pudewa from the Institute for Excellence in Writing and Adam Andrews from the Center for Lit, where Ian takes his online literature discussion courses, will you be sold? 

Now, you have to tell me if you have any favorite podcasts I should be trying out. I have a lot of meals to cook in that little kitchen of mine, my friends. Don't be shy. 


  1. Yes! I'm a fellow podcast/book lover/homeschooler - so this podcast is now my most anticipated! I've also been working my way through the talks on Sarah's "Listen Up" recommended audio talks page. Other podcasts I enjoy are Tsh's, and the Book Riot podcast, and various NPR programs. Lately I tend towards downloading sermons (Tim Keller's are my favorites), and working my way through Sarah's list, or the circe audio. Always have my ears out for another great listen though . . . would love to hear any other recs from you and am keeping an eye on the comments here .... :)

  2. I loved this podcast! Thank you so much for sharing it, Hannah. Like Angela, I'm also working my way through Sarah's "Listen Up" list. It's so helpful to have them listed like that. I don't have any to recommend, so I'll be checking back on the comments here to hopefully find more to listen to.

  3. Angela and Tamara, thanks for chiming in! Angela, I think we listen to many of the same things … but now I want to search for the Tim Keller sermons you mentioned, as I've very much enjoyed the 2-3 books of his that I've read.
    And Tamara, I owe you an email about other podcasts I like, so can this count? ;-)
    I don't have a huge variety at the moment. I listen to The Art of Simple podcast regularly, and NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me when I want/need a good laugh. I just discovered The Budget-Minded Traveler, and am loving that. And I'm about to try out the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast.
    I also notice that Edie from the Life In Grace blog (which I also love) is about to start a podcast series, so I'll be checking that out!